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November 2020


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The Orbis Empty The Orbis

on 31.03.18 22:33
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This is all still very messy, but let me know what you think!

The Orbis

Long ago an unknown species created the Orbis, a safe haven for multiple races to live in a dying galaxy. The Orbis was placed around a big star (Oria) in a galaxy between the milky way and andromeda. The Orbis had an inner ring of panels who blocked the light of the star and gathered the energy from it. This way the Orbis could turn around the Oria providing gravity and the possibility to let everything live.
The Orbis was divided in 5 departments (districts). Each district had a basic element depending on the environment that was created by the creators of the Orbis.
For example the part ruled by fire would have more drought, desert and volcanic nature. The district ruled by water would have more oceans and wind would have more cold mountains.

Fire : Asian / eastern vibes
Air: Norse / Europe vibes
Lightning : sci-fi / futuristic vibes
Earth : medieval / primal vibes
Water: Greek/ Roman vibes

The Orbis QyyrWbJ0jpjdRlFpRiBJI4n3NnPlKLXQRWHvE3qbA-q88llejEiBOiesQorUKWGHulcOTnEbEPOwsx103WxewMS3DECVZ0tufu6j1LuJUVAsRG5r40-Be6lCCUDOICjZejAjMwT9uZnjid6zbw

The panels of the inner ring, (Oria power stations) were giant stations where the ruling society (Sura) had their head quarters and working stations. They made sure that there was enough energy collected to provide the Orbis of its needs and protected it with magnetic fields against solar storms. They also had the military and police corps to protect the Orbis and inner circle of whatever threat they had to face.

The Sura ruled the Orbis unseen to let the different civilizations live in peace and give everyone the space that they needed. When a new commander (lord buckethead) (Shugo) was chosen everything changed. Shugo was a highly trained spec ops. He worked his way up and was very talented. When he got the position as commander he wanted to change the ways that the Sura had worked with, because everyone respected him greatly no one stood up until it was too late.

Shugo was careless with the way that the Orbis was ruled, this made civilizations curious because more of the Robocop’s / militia and on Orbis stations got noticed. Some civilizations lived without the use of energy (very primitive) and were focused on surviving.

Shugo got power hungry and wanted to research to find more diverse species and create artificial species. The Orbis had long existed before Shugo came to power so there were many powerful beings that had access to elemental powers. (the keepers) They ruled the districts without knowing that the Sura were overseeing everything. They were used in the experiments that Shugo provided. That way magicians and the hybrid humanoid breeds / races came to life.  (Shugo also experimented on himself to get strong)

With the Orbis getting a more diverse population Shugo wanted to make a system where everyone was under his control yet living their lives freely under his supervision. He created a system where the people or creatures were able to fight each other without hurting themselves (yet). On multiple locations on the Orbis he created big playgrounds where they held virtual games. For the Sura these games were pure entertainment, the people who entered the games had different reasons, to measure power or create opportunities for their societies, to stand up or make themselves known.

All the different societies had religions or different ways of living. Some took the mythical stories of past planets with them. Some of the mythical creatures lived unknown in undiscovered parts of the ringworld.
Out of the elemental districts the Lightning district was the most advanced of all. They have the Orbis headquarters of the Sura. The Lightning district was also the part where the energy beam from the Oria stations got collected, for people not knowing of the world they were in it just seemed as if the beam was a lightning storm and they became used to it.

The lightning district was also the district where the base for the outer ring travel system is.
That is a travel system similar to an underground but with trains working on high air pressure so that the Sura can travel fast.
The outer ring of the Orbis is also base to the defensive system, magnetic fields and massive guns keeping out asteroids and intruders.

When Shugo came to power and tried to have it all his way the Satar rebelled against him, they were a group of ex militia and creatures from experiments.  They didn’t agree with the way the Sura were taking control of everything and tried to take over the HQ multiple times, because of all the damage done to the stations the Orbis became unstable forcing some civilizations move to other parts of the Orbis. Because of the unstable balance on the Orbis more societies started fighting each other and they created great wars.

After some of the wars the Satar managed to get hold of some parts of the travel system of the Sura and took over one of the power stations in the inner ring.

They tried to bring back stability in the Orbis and its surroundings while still fighting against Shugo and his followers.
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